Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Storm Watching

As a kid, I remember sitting out on our front (screened in) porch a lot during the summer. When we were younger, we would even sometimes spend the night out there (my brother and I and sometimes my Dad). One of my favorite things to do out on the porch though was watch and listen to the storms. I loved being out there when it was pouring down rain. It was always great to know that I was safe inside, yet still able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the thunder and rain storms.

As an adult, I would always drag Snickers and even sometimes Joe out to our front porch to watch the rain. We would eventually head inside, usually because the rain was starting to get to us (Snickers hates the rain). I’d always thought about maybe getting a screened in porch or something so I could watch the action from inside. I got my wish this summer when we decided to build a sunroom on top of our deck. We moved into our house in February 2010 and by the time summer came around, realized just how hot this west facing, dark brown deck gets. Our thermometer read a high temperature of 116 degrees this summer. So, any time after about 11 AM during the summer, the deck was practically useless. We decided we could make better use of this space by building a sunroom on it. That way, we can sit our here (maybe not on those extremely hot days) and still feel like we’re outside. It was also the perfect opportunity to be able to watch storms from the safety of the indoors (we confirmed that it’s safe to be out here during thunderstorms but we’ll still take heed as necessary). We signed the contract, but since the company was so booked, we didn’t get it built until the end of August. I’m sitting in the sunroom as I type this, one day after the carpet and furniture has been put into it and I’m looking forward to watching many storms here.

Gotta go – the sky is turning pink and I am starting to hear rain on the roof!

Happiness Is... watching and listening to a storm from our new sunroom


  1. It actually started pouring as I was finishing this up! :)

  2. We loved your last story! It brought back a lot of good memories!!
    Love,Mom & Dad